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My Hike to Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur

First, I have been gone for awhile, I swear I will be starting the podcast back up soon!

I needed to get away, so I did a 22 mile hike through Big Sur, was kinda awesome.

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Final push for Best Friends Forever

So I Co-Produced and AD’d this little film called Best Friends Forever last Novemeber and we are in the final hours of our kickstarter push, please support the film!

Best Friends Forever Kickstarter!

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Please Steal My Movie Corpse Run

As most of you know, I directed a film called “Corpse Run” a few years ago. It is a film about video games and how they have affected the twenty-something generation. -Corpse Run is actually a video game term for all those people who think they may be about to watch a horror!

We made it into a few big film festivals, had a 500 person standing ovation at our first showing! We got some good reviews, and had a lot of fun getting to see our film play in different theaters in the country… But then we had to deal with Hollywood and Hollywood doesn’t know how to deal with Indi films.

The first thing we had to do was get a Rep for our film, this Rep would then try to sell it to different distributors and take a small fee. We had many offers for Representation and ended up going with the most prominent one that had the lowest fees. They took a retainer fee to pay for their expenses. – of course this retainer would never be returned.

They did find us a few different distributors and we ended up going with the one that they reccomended the most. This was exciting, as our film was about to get released, we would soon see it on netflicks, on some cable stations and in video stores!

We didn’t get any money up front, which is the general practice in the indi world – I know you hear about these million dollar deals, but they are by far and away the exception to the rule, as Cicero would say, “You can’t hear the prayers of the dead on the ocean’s floor.” So we had a backend deal, a completely fair backend that I was happy with.

And then what happened? Our film was shelved. We had no recourse, it just sat on the shelf doing nothing, sitting there for years! In fact, They still have it for two more. Recently it has been released on Amazon as a print on demand title. And that is it. Well I don’t think my distributors should make any money for doing nothing.

So I am asking you, begging you, please steal my movie.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s no Citizen Kane.  However I am proud of it, for all it’s faults and all my mistakes, it is still an entertaining movie to watch. If video games are an important part of your life, you will appreciate this film.

It was one of the first films Brea Grant starred in and also had the actors Adam Mayfield, Hrach Titizian, Matt Crabtree and Jen Nikolaisen. It’s full of memories for me, the cast and crew, and I would love to know that other people are out there enjoying it.

So if you hate it, Awesome! If you love it, Awesome! But please, please, please just steal it already, I am begging you to steal it!!!

Here are some links to some torrents you can find it at.

Corpse Run at mnova 665mb

Corpse Run at 1.35gb

Corpse Run at Lime Torrents 1.35gb

If you want more info on the movie, check out the IMDB Page.

Corpse Run on IMDB 

And here’s a scenes from the movie!

Thank you for stealing my movie! Feel free to pass this information on to anyone.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the referrals reddit!, Loved your site for years. I promise I will make my next film about Bacon!

UPDATE: Thanks Techdirt! Another site I love!

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Jonathan Denmark

Jonathan Denmark

Jonathan Denmark’s WitMityl?

Managing expectations. Be realistic. Keep things in perspective. Take time to apply checks and balances to yourself. That way you don’t end up misaligned, or upset, with someone, or something when you shouldn’t be. It’s easy to get frustrated or caught up in a thought, you need to find balance in what you are doing.

Jonathan Denmark is one of the most interesting musicians I have ever heard. I always cringe when someone hands me a CD, always get tense at my expectations of their music. Smash cut to 8 hours later, listening to Denmark’s music in my garden and crying my tears out to his single lyric “It doesn’t get any easier, you only get better at it”.

Check out his website

And check out some of his videos!

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Well we missed a week, and may miss another, I am in the middle of a production, but we will be done in a week, till then keep on doing amazing thing!

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Shane Russeck

Shane Russeck

Shane Russeck’s WitMityl?

As you grow and evolve so do your dreams. You have to be able to make adjustments, I’m not the same person I was when I was when I was 20. A lot of people don’t stop long enough to realize that things have changed, that they have changed. You have to readjust, there is no definite path. All great, interesting people evolve and adjust.

Shane and I talk about jumping in the deep end and learning to swim. something Shane is accustomed too.

Founder of Actor’s Advantage, he has created one of the most respected Actor’s Workshops in Los Angeles. But recently his love has changed from Acting to Photography. And once again he has to learn to swim.

We talk about the importance of goals and dreams and how they force you to take action and live a complete life.

Let his work speak for itself!

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That Amazon Link

A kindly reminder, bookmark that Amazon Link to the right… It takes all of 30 seconds, just click on it and bookmark that link and use that link for all your amazon needs. We are not asking you to buy anything you wouldn’t already have! but everytime you buy through that link, Amazon sends us some money. This pays for our website.

We are all offering our knowhow and years of training for free, we love teaching filmmaking, we love teaching people what we have learned on our quest. And all we ask for is that you click that link.

Thank You so much for your support of WitMityl!

John-Michael Thomas

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