As most of you know, I directed a film called “Corpse Run” a few years ago. It is a film about video games and how they have affected the twenty-something generation. -Corpse Run is actually a video game term for all those people who think they may be about to watch a horror!

We made it into a few big film festivals, had a 500 person standing ovation at our first showing! We got some good reviews, and had a lot of fun getting to see our film play in different theaters in the country… But then we had to deal with Hollywood and Hollywood doesn’t know how to deal with Indi films.

The first thing we had to do was get a Rep for our film, this Rep would then try to sell it to different distributors and take a small fee. We had many offers for Representation and ended up going with the most prominent one that had the lowest fees. They took a retainer fee to pay for their expenses. – of course this retainer would never be returned.

They did find us a few different distributors and we ended up going with the one that they reccomended the most. This was exciting, as our film was about to get released, we would soon see it on netflicks, on some cable stations and in video stores!

We didn’t get any money up front, which is the general practice in the indi world – I know you hear about these million dollar deals, but they are by far and away the exception to the rule, as Cicero would say, “You can’t hear the prayers of the dead on the ocean’s floor.” So we had a backend deal, a completely fair backend that I was happy with.

And then what happened? Our film was shelved. We had no recourse, it just sat on the shelf doing nothing, sitting there for years! In fact, They still have it for two more. Recently it has been released on Amazon as a print on demand title. And that is it. Well I don’t think my distributors should make any money for doing nothing.

So I am asking you, begging you, please steal my movie.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s no Citizen Kane.  However I am proud of it, for all it’s faults and all my mistakes, it is still an entertaining movie to watch. If video games are an important part of your life, you will appreciate this film.

It was one of the first films Brea Grant starred in and also had the actors Adam Mayfield, Hrach Titizian, Matt Crabtree and Jen Nikolaisen. It’s full of memories for me, the cast and crew, and I would love to know that other people are out there enjoying it.

So if you hate it, Awesome! If you love it, Awesome! But please, please, please just steal it already, I am begging you to steal it!!!

Here are some links to some torrents you can find it at.

Corpse Run at mnova 665mb

Corpse Run at 1.35gb

Corpse Run at Lime Torrents 1.35gb

If you want more info on the movie, check out the IMDB Page.

Corpse Run on IMDB 

And here’s a scenes from the movie!

Thank you for stealing my movie! Feel free to pass this information on to anyone.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the referrals reddit!, Loved your site for years. I promise I will make my next film about Bacon!

UPDATE: Thanks Techdirt! Another site I love!

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9 Responses to “Please Steal My Movie Corpse Run”

  1. Bummer,
    why not set a website to donate/buy your movie? Not everyone may pay for it, but at least you’d get some money back.

    • I think the problem is that he sold the rights to distribute it in any form to this company, and they are refusing to release it in any way. This means that if he himself set up a website to distribute the movie that HE made, the distributor could sue him for damaging their (non-existent) profits.
      It’s common practice with large companies like these to buy up many films (products, etc in other industries) for next to nothing, promising the creator a cut of the sales, and then just let the film sit until their contract expires. It allows them to control what type of films, and how many of them, are being released to the public.

  2. ‘Stealing’ now, although I promise to magically leave the original version in place. If I enjoy the film I’ll be looking for a paypal address to donate to, but only if I enjoy it..

  3. I’m so sorry they put you in this position. You should heavily consider a donate button of some sort (I like Alternatively, if you’re contractually allowed to, make t-shirts or something.

    Thanks for all the fish.

  4. Sorry for not replying to these comments, I don’t want to get myself in legal trouble, so kinda keeping my mouth shut.

    No Donations needed, just watch the film. Hope you enjoy it. If you do want to do anything, you can always go to IMDB an rate and review it.

    And you can always keep spreading this link through FB an Twitter.

  5. So it is kind of like Jews buying all of the diamonds up so that they corner the market and keep the prices high. Strangely the movie industry is also full of Jews. Conclusion, Jews are gonna Jew you.

  6. Ill be sure to download this later, so I can add it to my collection of downloaded movies i will never watch.

  7. That sucks… Finding distribution for our indie films is usually where the nightmare begins. Been there, done that.

    Do you have the rights for IPTV to Corpse Run? I would be interested to show it on Black Flag TV!

    -sv bell

  8. Heard about this on last week. Was just watching the playback and it reminded me to look up the movie.

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